Motorcycle days – early start to beat the afternoon heat

Motorcycle days – early start to beat the afternoon heat

With the decent summer weather continuing and a warm spell back with us for a few days this week, it made sense to head out for a ride and to leave home early before the main heat of the day arrived.  And that is exactly what I did.

I decided to head out on the BMW RnineT and head for Cumbria and a coffee in Arnside

Regular readers wont be surprised to know that didn’t involve taking the direct route.

I decided to head for Arnside as it really is a pleasant place to sit and have aa coffee.  I’ve been there before on the bike and also driven up that way with my wife – and I doubt it will be long before I’m up there again.

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Early start

I was off by about 06:20 and initially headed out for Hapton, Clitheroe, Chatburn and Settle before finishing my ‘outward’ journey at Arnside.

Breakfast was coffee, a sausage roll supplemented by a very decent Eccles cake – all enjoyed whilst sat on the delightful pier at Arnside – here’s a link to a live web cam there.

I sat and enjoyed the sunshine and the view and reckoned that I would be home in time to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Heading home

I headed for home via Dunsop Bridge and the simply superb Trough of Bowland and if it’s an area that you have never been to then I would recommend getting it added to your ‘to do’ list. I was back in for 12:30.  Out for six hours or so and a couple of hundred miles done – all in all it had been a decent morning.


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