Motorcycle road trip … the emerald isle

Motorcycle road trip … the emerald isle

Last month I took a road trip to Ireland and had an excellent time. Readers of the blog will know that before I had settled on the Ireland trip I had been considering going to Scotland. Scotland is of course a country I absolutely adore to travel to on a motorbike and a place I go to pretty frequently. Most recently (on my bike) I made a couple of superb trips one in June of last year and then another a few weeks later in July

I’ll never get tried or bored of going to Scotland – in fact my wife and I were there together a couple of times quite recently as well most recently a couple of stays in Argyll & Bute, as well as some time in Berwickshire.

But as I said in a previous post a combination of weather forecasts along with some price hikes in Scotland pretty much made my mind up on where to go … which is why I ended up in Ireland having an absolutely superb time. Roll forward a few weeks and I’m preparing to take another trip and I’m off to Ireland again.

Where am I going?

I’ll be heading down to County Kerry again. I’m heading that way mainly because I missed a turning last time and didn’t quite get to where I wanted to on the Dingle peninsular and then after that I plan to head towards Galway, Donegal, then towards the ‘top’ of island before looping into Northern Ireland and down towards Larne

The bike is almost ready

The bike is pretty much checked over and good to go although I need a new set of tyres and that is due to be sorted today by my favourite bike guys at MW Motorcycles …. remember to check back here in a week or two for the post trip updates

And there is every chance …

Whilst heading for County Kerry and before I get to the Dingle peninsular there is every chance that the Healy Pass might tempt me again and you can follow me on Instagram here