BMW RnineT – over due miles

BMW RnineT – over due miles

It seems like it’s been too long since I was last out on a motorbike – and it seems that way because it really has been too long.

Normally I would have been back on the bikes in maybe late February and certainly by March, but this year I have had other commitments in the first quarter. Three recent rides in the last week or so have been the first opportunity I have had to get out, and each of these have been on the BMW RnineT.

This coming week I have the F800R in for it’s annual MoT and I’ll be looking to get out on that as soon as possible.

Local roads

I nearly always start my biking year on the same roads, and this year (2022) was no exception. None of my first three rides were particularly long but all of them were enjoyable and each were around the 75 to 80 miles mark. It really was just good to get out and about on a bike again.

New helmet

My first three rides out also reminded and confirmed to me that it really was time to get a new helmet. My Arai Chaser V has been superb from day one, but it’s past it’s best both in terms of age and the security of the chin strap fastening. I replaced it last week with a Shoei GT Air II and I’ll write a separate blog post about that in the next few days.

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