Got to love a bargain … especially when it’s connected to motorbikes

Got to love a bargain … especially when it’s connected to motorbikes

I suppose most people like to find a bargain, and anyone that has followed this blog over the years may recall posts on previous occasions when I have picked up old bike books and magazines and I have a small but decent collection of books and mag’s from the 50’s and 60’s and some even much further back from that.

It was a real bonus when we were out the other week and wandering around an antiques emporium – I spotted a bundle of magazines that were dated from the early 1960’s – I simply couldn’t resist buying them. At the moment they are still sat unopened next to me on the desk … I’m still reading through another bargain I picked up, nothing at all to do with motorbikes or motorcycling but something that interests me nevertheless – it’s The Observers Book of Canals, long since out of print and originally published almost 40 years ago in 1982.

Update in due course

I’ll probably post an update if I find anything especially interesting in the old magazines, but realistically they may well be waiting for a rainy day before I open them

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