Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Classic – another trip to MW Motorcycles

Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Classic – another trip to MW Motorcycles

Another day and another trip to MW Motorcycles.

The last time I was there with the Moto Guzzi was back in September/October last year (2020) after the bike had developed some electrical problems which ended what should have been a decent ride having to be cut short.

Shortly after that I arranged for the bike to be dropped off with the guys at MW Motorcycles – who of course soon had the problem identified and sorted.

This time my visit there was for the routine MoT test, which in actual fact was way past the normal annual 12 month period.

The various lockdown restrictions imposed during the Covid pandemic had meant it really wasn’t worth keeping the bike taxed and tested, and so it had remained SoRN and unused in the garage.  In fact it has only done a few hundred miles since its previous MoT.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else

I really wouldn’t go anywhere else to have my bikes looked after and serviced and am always happy to recommend Alan and Chris at MW, in fact just this week I passed their details on to one of my neighbours who has a Yamaha Niken and that will be due for MoT later this year.

The usual high quality ‘sterling’ service was provided by the guys at MW who managed to fit me in at short notice for the MoT and I am pleased to say that the bike was judged to be fit for the road for another year.

As it happens I am back there next week when I drop the BMW RnineT off for a ‘short’ service and new rear tyre – so two bikes in MW within a week.

Almost a treble

Whilst booking the RnineT in I reached for the service book for my F800R as I thought there might have been a ‘treble’ on, but when I checked the service dates for the F800 I realized that it will actually be later this year when that one is due in so I suppose it could be described as a sort of  ‘double’.

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