Time for coffee. 120 mile round trip for a coffee on the BMW RnineT

Time for coffee 120 mile round trip for a coffee on the BMW RnineT

Last time I was out on a bike was my recent (and excellent) trip to Scotland on my BMW F800R. Over the weekend I was out again. On this occasion it wasn’t a long trip or one that involved nights away from home – this ride saw me out for just the best part of five hours on a Saturday morning – if not quite the charm and satisfaction of my previous trip north but enjoyable nevertheless.

It was a morning ride partly because I had other commitments in the afternoon and partly because I am increasingly uninterested in biking in heavy traffic.

Early start

I made an early start and was away from home around 06:30am and back around 11:00am.

On this occasion I left the F800 in the garage and took the RnineT. One of the things that the RnineT gives you that the F800R simply is the glorious sound of the Boxer twin, playing its unique tune through twin Ackrapovics. It really is an absolute joy to listen to – aural pleasure at its best…

I headed out for 60 or so miles stopped for a coffee and a chat and then headed home – all in all a really enjoyable ride, on a fabulous bike and with decent weather. What more could a fellow ask for?

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