roll on 2020…

I wrote in the previous Blog post about what a miserable year 2019 had been from a biking perspective I alos said that despite that I was already looking forward to 2020.

All things being equal I will have made a reasonable recovery and a decent level of progress that will allow me to enjoy plenty of time on the bikes in the coming year.

With that in mind I’ve made a ferry booking down to Bilbao in Spain and I plan to pretty much do the trip that I had in mind to do this year. Which if it pans out will be to spend some time in the Pico’s then head off to Portugal for some time in the mountains of the Serra da Estrela and make a point of riding the N-339 again.

The areas I rode in Portugal in 2018 were something of a revelation to me and my August 2018 trip had left me wanting more.

After Portugal it will probably be some time in Northern Italy and then home maybe via northern Italy and/or Switzerland – but that’s something for next year and I wont decide the route or when I will travel home until I’m there, I guess I’ll just see how it goes.

Something that is worth a mention is that Ride magazine have published a revised version of their excellent magazine ‘The Ride Guide to Europe’ This is now the 3rd version of the publication and in my opinion it’s well worth buying, and will brighten a few cold winter days as well as being of real practical use.

I bought the first version a few years back and then the smaller supplement for Spain and Portugal and although I guess the 3rd edition is pretty similar to the first I still reckon its worth having.

Roll on 2020 …

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