decent enough day, spring on the way

At last a day that felt like Spring and decent enough to get out on the bike and stay warm at the same time!

Time constraints meant that I didn’t have a full day but the few hours I had on Sunday afternoon were decent enough and pretty relaxing as well.  Due to doing other things in the morning I probably only did about 120 miles or so – but they were all enjoyable miles.

Despite only doing those few miles this bike has the capacity to throw up huge amounts of crap from the rear wheel, probably more so than any bike I have ever had. In practice what this means is that if there are any patches of damp roads, or water running across the road from earlier rainfall etc then this bike will make sure it flicks as much of it as possible up into the air and somehow onto the rear seat.

The installation of a Powerbronze hugger has helped reduce it but not solved it entirely, it’s more annoying than anything else really, but I really wish it didn’t do it or that I could find an acceptable solution.

Oh … if you ever wondered can three people sit on an RnineT, the answer is yes – sort of as you can see by clicking this link!

Also spotted a decent looking Moto Guzzi when I stopped for a coffee …

Roll on more spring days and roll on summer.