stop press … more book news

The second book I have written is now available on Amazon.

I published my first book  What if You Don’t Break Down, last August (in ebook format)

Recently it has alos been published in paperback format –  you can skip back and read my Blog post about that book here

My new book is called Superbike Across Europe


The description on Amazon describes the book as follows:

An exciting tale of a 4,000 mile motorcycle trip that takes the author down through France and Spain as far as the Douro Valley in Portugal. After riding to Portugal it’s back up through Spain before he heads for Andorra, the French Mediterranean coast and onto the beauty of the Italian Lakes.

The long ride home begins on the shores of Lake Maggiore with a journey across the Swiss Alps to the Black Forest of South West Germany, then into France, Luxembourg and Belgium before crossing the channel and making the gruelling slog up the English motorway network, from Dover on the south coast of England to the North West of England and his home in Manchester.

The author recalls his experience of his European journey with interesting facts, descriptions and anecdotes in a style that readers enjoyed in his first book ‘What if You Don’t Break Down’. His crisp writing style takes you into his world and has the knack of quickly getting your attention and carrying you along with him and in so doing, manages to make you feel that you’ve been along for the ride.

The book has a broad appeal and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes to read about travel adventures, whether a motorcyclist or not.

If you’re the sort of person whose shelved a dream or maybe you just put off doing things due to the internal demon of self-doubt then this book might just provide the inspiration that makes you get up and do it, and if you’re the sort of person that the author describes as a ‘ tomorrow person’ then this really IS the book for you.

The book is available now and can be purchased by following this link