seat modification …

I wrote in a previous Blog post we would be looking to improve the comfort of the pillion seat on the Kawasaki Vulcan S that we bought a couple of weeks ago.

The stock seat is OK and compares favorably with seats on many other bikes. We had looked at a Yamaha XV950 and although the pillion seat on that was similar in shape/design, when it came to sitting on it it was definitely a case of more emphasis on form rather than function, which more often than not can be the case on a many bikes.

First rides showed although the seat was fine for shortish rides it could definitely be improved for something longer.

With that in mind I contacted a couple of local places and ended up speaking to the guys at Autotrim, only a mile or two from where I live. I followed up the telephone conversation by nipping down with my bike to discuss what I wanted doing and what the options were.

After a quick conversation and broadly agreeing the plan I was shown the foam that would be used and also had a ‘trial’ sitting on the pillion seat with and without the new foam laid across it – there was an immediate and significant difference in feel even before the job was started and the seat reshaped

Next up was to agree the date for the job, and at weekend I dropped my bike in and had the job done. Its fair to say that it looks to be a first class professional job and looks in keeping with the original seat and rider seat.

The modification to the seat is that essentially as well as having the foam (with gel) inserted on the top (and I think some of the original removed), the seat has also been made wider. The relative narrowness of a pillion seat also impacts on comfort – its not just a case of  different foam/padding, so the extra width should make an appreciable difference.

In the two pictures below you can see the original seat along with the newly shaped seat and its clear to see where the change in shape at the sides has taken effect.

Here’s two more pictures – this just of the new seat

By way of comparison the original stock pillion seat measured a little under 22cm at the front. the new one measures about 29cm. The overall length of the seat has been kept the same so as to fit against the rider seat and leave the seat fastening at the rear accessible. The sides of the seat have been widened but sculpted to blend with the rider seat.

The final proof will of course only be determined when we come to use it, which should be sometime this week – but it looks promising and it’s very difficult to imagine that it isn’t a massive improvement on the original.

I’ve attached some more picture below and clicking on the first will open a scrolable gallery.