memories and a box of tricks …

How the time passes … it seems almost like yesterday that we  were welcoming Emma into the world but it really was  yesterday when we were actually marking her second birthday.

Already she has a character of her own that is both different but at the same time complimentary to her brother Daniel – what is obvious from seeing the two of them together, is that despite the occasional and  inevitable sibling squabbling there is a genuine and affectionate bond between them.

The fabulous cake that my wife Pat made will live long in the children’s memories, this year both Daniel and Emma were able to fit into one of the boxes that gifts were packed in.

Whats the betting that I wont be able to carry around this box of tricks this time next year?

It was our pleasure to be part of Emma’s birthday ‘do’  and I’ve posted some pictures (in random order) from yesterday.

Clicking on the first picture will open a scrolable gallery.