a few days on the east coast …

Pat and I have just had  a few days away on the east coast (in Whitby). The weather was decent, cold of course but the bright sunshine and crisp days were a welcome change from all the rain of recent weeks. We stayed in a nice enough hotel about a mile outside of the town centre which made for a very pleasant walk into town along the seafront and the beach.

There isn’t a great deal at Whitby, its only a small place with a population of around 13,000 or so, but it is pleasant enough.  Sort of classic/typical seaside town really – playing to the tourist industry and definitely nice enough to visit for a couple of days.  I suppose like many of the seaside towns on the east coast tourism is pretty much a mainstay of the economy, and although there were a fair number of boats bobbing about the docks, I suspect the lobster, fishing, seagoing industry is a shadow of former times.

The coastline is quite nice as well,  not especially dramatic and although the beach areas are not going to win best beach awards there is a quaintness about the place/area that is quite appealing.

We drove a little further north and looked at some other parts of the coastline and headed home  via Scarborough and Filey (Whitby is actually in the borough of Scarborough and about 20 miles from the town).

We only saw a little of Scarborough (the south beach and the fishing port) and we didn’t get to see the north beach but it all looked nice enough and looked to be a decent enough, the sort of place that would be ideal to take young children for an ‘old fashioned/traditional’ type holiday.

Some pictures are included below, clicking the first picture will open a scrolable gallery.