year of the monkey …

Yesterday (07 Feb) marked the start of the Chinese New Year, and this year it’s the Year of the Monkey, the ninth animal in the cycle. The next Year of the Monkey will be in 2028.

Apparently people born in the Year of the Monkey are characterized as being lively, quick-witted, curious, innovative and mischievous and additionally it’s said their gentleness and honesty bring them an everlasting love life. Although were born with enviable skills, they still have several shortcomings, such as an impetuous temper and a tendency to look down upon others … so with our third grandchild due around the middle of this year we may need to bear this in mind.

But that aside we decide to make our way into central Manchester to watch the Dragon Parade – as it happened our daughter and her children along with our niece and her children were also heading into Manchester so we met up to watch the parade before rounding a few hours off with a decent coffee.

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