proximity pricing of beefburgers …

I’d hardly consider myself an expert on the pricing structure of beefburgers, but I ma reasonably familiar with match day fayre served up around a decent number of football stadia.

So for example I’d be pretty confident in saying that you would be on safe ground getting a burger around the Stoke City ground on match day, as you would at Newcastle and Sunderland, but I’d offer the utmost caution if purchasing a burger around the Notts County ground – my experience there fell firmly in the category of vile and dodgy.

Up there with the decent match day burgers were those on offer around Villa Park yesterday.  Well cooked, nice fresh bread roll and plenty of fried onions.  But what I did notice was that the prices for the same match day fayre rise as you get closer to the stadium – and so my blog title of proximity pricing.

Our burgers cost a very reasonable £2.50 with no differential pricing for the addition of a common or garden cheese slice – 50 or so yards further on so a price hike of £00.20p for a burger with a supplement £00.30p for a cheese slice.  A further 100 yards of so and the price had risen to £3.00 with a £00.50p supplement for the cheese slice and then immediately outside the stadium a price hike to £3.50 and £4.00.

I offer this information simply as helpful advice for the traveling fan.  I suppose there is every chance that prices may drop in the 2016/17 season as it seems most unlikely that Villa will be plying their trade in the elite division.

Yesterdays performance offered plenty of supporting evidence for the lowly league position that Aston Villa find themselves in and in truth it was a more than comfortable victory for Manchester City as they eased into the last 16 with an impressive 0-4 victory.

I’ll be sorry to see Villa go as it’s a decent away fixture at a decent stadium, an easy 100 mile or so journey and loads of parking (just a stones throw from the M6 motorway) all makes for an easy trip and when you add in the novelty of (small) freshly baked doughnuts at £1:00 for three then what more could one ask for. Even fans of the once great Manchester United would find solace from their woes with the match day fayre.

Some picture from yesterday are posted below and clicking on the first one will open a scrolable gallery.