trip to bolton …

Pat and I had a drive over to Bolton yesterday – with a trio of things to do: visit the museum, visit the Kawasaki dealers and have a bit to eat in an Italian cafe/restaurant.

We managed the first two but failed with number three as the place we had intended to eat at was too busy so we just gave it a miss.

The museum is OK and probably the most interesting section in my opinion was the one that provided pictures, artifacts and information about the prominence of Bolton in the Industrial Revolution – the art section didn’t do a great deal for me and the Egyptian section, whilst interesting was pretty compact.

The museum also houses an aquarium (apparently the largest/oldest public aquarium) but to be honest I found it unimpressive – it looked somewhat tired and shabby and I wasn’t convinced at the amount of space that some of the fish had to swim in.

A wander round the indoor market provided us with some old fashioned treat – hard and brittle licorice rock and fruit rock sticks.

Some pictures below and clicking on the first will open a scrolable gallery.