punctured hopes on merseyside …

Last night my son and I traveled to Everton to watch City in the first leg of the League Cup semi final … it was something of a disappointment in a number of ways.

I’m not sure how many semi finals we have  been to in the last half dozen years or so – it certainly seems to be quite a few and although the League Cup comes in at fourth place in the list of desirable trophy’s to win – it’s still worth winning and having had trips to Wembley each year since 2012 I’d be very happy to be going again next month. Whether I will or not hangs in the balance.

City were disappointing again and despite sitting well placed in the League, playing in a League Cup semi final and through to the knock out stage of the Champions League this is just such a stop/start lack lustre season – and last night was another fine example of that.

City had a good opening period for 20 minutes or so before being pegged back and going on to record a deserved defeat.  The joy of celebrating the City equalizer lasted all of two minutes before Everton deservedly took the lead again and it has to be said were better over the 90 minutes – no question about that.

With the return leg at the Etihad in three weeks a 1-2 scoreline at the start of the second leg is hardly a disaster but in truth it’s so much less than ideal.

Apart from the result it just wasn’t the best of evenings – a two hour journey to travel around 40 miles was frustrating, the result speaks for itself and the atmosphere at Goodison was flat from both sets of fans and for whatever reason it just didn’t feel like a semi final.

Goodison isn’t my favorite stadium to go to. I am at a loss to understand where the money goes at that club, as despite the remarkable cash cow that the Premier League is, watching football at a Premier League stadium with restricted views, wooden terracing, cramped aisles and concourse and toilet facilities more akin to the 1970’s just seems wrong.

To round of a disappointing night we had a puncture on the way home meaning I had to resort to a temporary tyre sealant solution – although to be fair that only delayed us by about 30 minutes and we were home around 11:45pm.

By way of balance I have to say that it wasn’t actually all bad and the disappointment of losing the first leg was tempered by a decent portion of chips complete with lashings of ketchup.

Oh well it’s only a game … apparently