bit of steam on a summers day …

Yesterday we took our grandchildren to a steam engine rally at Astle Park in Chelford – an event that has been taking place there since the 1960s.

I’m no steam engine/traction engine enthusiast but its an event that I have ridden past on my bikes for many years and one that I had often thought I ought to go to someday – having Daniel and Emma was a perfect reason for us to do just that.

It was fascinating – a staggering array of traction engines and fixed steam engines as well as a decent display of old cars, bikes and other bits and pieces and it was certainly well attended.

The event actually runs for two days and even includes a firework display on the Saturday evening but given the ages of Daniel and Emma a few hours there was quite enough especially as it was a glorious hot sunny day,  and after getting there for 10:00 both the children and us were done by about 12:30.

Although the whole traction engine./steam engine thing isn’t something that I have a fascination for it is fascinating to see these magnificent machines restored and displayed by people who are clearly passionate about that ‘world’ and I love to see people who are so keen and dedicated to their hobbies, passions etc.

We had a really enjoyable few hours there and I have posted a few pictures below.  Clicking the first picture will open a scrollable gallery.