investing in the railways … well sort of

A good few years ago (probably 20 or more) Richard, like many small children loved to read the Thomas the Tank engine stories and play with the toys.  He had a good few of the die cast engines and I made him a wooden ‘island of Sodor’ – although to be fair ‘made’ is perhaps something of an overstatement.

Roll the clock forward some 20 years or so and now Daniel is also enjoying the Thomas the Tank engines stories so I thought it was time to make another island of Sodor (or New Sodor) as we now call it.

We had kept all of Richards old engines and he gave his permission for them to come out of storage to be enjoyed again.

Now I suppose there are all sorts of suitable model rail tacks for these push along engines but I also quite like the notion of imaginary play for children rather than have all the thinking done for them.

New Sodor cost a grand total of £3:00 (for an off cut from B&Q) – a bit of paint, some marker pen and some bits of scrap wood were enough to complete the task and last week when Sarah called with the children New Sodor was presented – some pictures are attached.

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