pembrokeshire … part 1

We have just had a pleasant short break in Tenby, Pembrokeshire and I’ve written a few words and posted a bunch of pictures – feel free to read/look or even do both

I’m not sure quite why I’ve never really been that way before, but that part of Wales is a part of Britain that I am pretty unfamiliar with.  On the other hand it’s an area that Pat spent many happy family holidays in when she was growing up.

Having just spent a few days there it’s most certainly a place that we will return to, and as well as wanting to see some more of the Tenby and Saundersfoot area we would also like to see much more of the Pembrokeshire coast – it really is truly beautiful and impressive.

Of course I suspect that being there at the end of April is a little different than being there when the season is in full swing and it’s not at all difficult to imagine the narrow streets of Tenby being packed and busy and no doubt the plentiful supply of pubs and cafes doing good trade.

But there is much to be said for making the effort out of season as the place is still pretty as a picture plus of course it’s probably  a lot easier to get around especially on some of the narrow and tight country lanes.

We took a trip to Pendine Beach and took in a short but worthwhile visit to the Speed Museum

Whilst we were there we stayed in a decent Guest House/B&B called The Croyland and although I guess typical of many guest houses and B&Bs in that area, it was well located with just a short walk into the centre of Tenby and it’s an absolute winner when it comes to the friendly and helpful owner and to be honest the breakfast offering was up there with the best.

Part Two of this post has some pictures from a beach/cove that is nothing short of an absolute gem and ranks alongside almost any beach/cove we have seen anywhere (and we have traveled a bit and seen a few beaches)

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