having your cake and eating it …

I recently responded to a Twitter post from a company based in Alfreton (Derbys) and they were looking for people to sample and comment on their cakes … but these were cakes with a difference and retail under the name of eat your photo

So I suppose it wasn’t too hard to work out from the name that somewhere along the line it involved eating a photograph. I was a little intrigued to I checked out their web site http://www.eatyourphoto.co.uk/ and thought well why not give it a go.

A quick look round the website suggested that the process was pretty straightforward – almost as simple as upload a photo’; complete a template to indicate what message (if any) that is wanted on the cake; decide if the photo’ is just to be on the top or continue down the sides; along with a couple of other preferences including chocolate or vanilla type sponge and hey presto that was it.

I decided that I would upload a picture that I had taken earlier this year of my Z1000 SX up against an old wooden door. Apart from uploading this picture because I like it I did wonder how well a picture with so much green in it would actually turn out when transferred to the top of a cake and also looking ahead 2015 I thought a picture of it (if it was any good might make a decent shot for the inevitable DVD that will follow a road trip I am doing next year through (amongst other places) Italy.

Well I had a confirmation email telling me when the cake was going to be baked and dispatched along with a tracking link to a local couriers … and as promised the cake arrived the following day.

Hmm .. what can I say? I think the pictures below tell the story in terms of how the picture actually looked and it would be something of an understatement to say I was impressed but take a look at the picture and scroll through them and make your own judgement.
The fact that it tasted as good as it looked was a bonus and I guess the fact that it didn’t last long is testament to that. It was particularly well packaged so as to make sure the cake was intact and fresh.

I’ve had another look round the web site and it seems that the company has quite a history as a bakers but has also been doing this sort of thing for a few years – but to be honest I had never heard of it before. I think it’s a quality idea for a novelty gift or special celebration.

Following our annual road trip in 2013 my friends and I got together early in 2014 to watch the ‘premier’ of the DVD from the trip – had I known about this company then I think I might have bought one for the centrepiece of the table.

They do a bunch of other products as well including, can you believe it, edible photos for pizza!

There are more details on the web site but if I do end up having a picture of one of my bikes melted into the cheese I’ll let you know!

I got the cake free from http://www.eatyourphoto.co.uk/ but wasn’t asked to write anything in particular in return – but given that I think it’s a decent idea I thought I would post the words and pictures to my Blog