Evotech tail tidy – Z1000 SX

Tidying up the back end of the Z1000

Suppose it’s just a matter of personal choice as to whether you stick with the standard back-end or replace it with something smaller to neaten it up. I decided to replace it as I’ve never been a fan of the large factory fit number plate holders on any of the bikes I’ve had.

I have the 2014 – Z1000 SX Tourer and to make sure the tail tidy was compatible with the panniers system I decided that I would replace the stock rear light and stock indicators with an integrated unit meaning there would be no indicator stalks. I had also fitted an integrated rear light unit on my previous bike (a Honda CB1000R).

The tail tidy from Evotech is really well made and finished and according to the web site information weighs in at 360 grammes.
It’s made of aluminium and is finished in black. Fitting is pretty easy and the instructions are clear enough and easy to follow.

Crucially the mounting holes are in the right place so there is no messing about when lining the tail tidy up and fitting to the bolts through the holes that are vacated once you have removed the factory unit – and it’s a sturdy piece of kit as well and better quality than some tail tidy’s that I have used over the years

Because I had gone for an integrated rear light and indicators this meant that the part of the tail tidy that would have had the indicators mounted to it were now obsolete but this was a simple two-minute job to trim them off with a hacksaw and then touch up with black paint (see the pic with the red circle).

In fact when I bought mine back at the start of June the Evotech tail tidy wasn’t compatible with the pannier system on the 2014 model but I gather that the new one is which of course gives you the option of sticking with the stock indicators if that’s your choice.
Service from Evotech was spot on with my order received the day after I had placed it – and when I spoke to them on the ‘phone when I was ordering it they were first class as well – so for the £65 I spent this gets my vote and I’d definitely consider Evotech products again.

If you click on the first picture below it will open the pictures into a gallery that you can click-through and they should all be pretty self-explanatory.