another benefit of retirement …

One of the big benefits of not being gainfully employed is that our time is very much our own and this of course allows us to do pretty much what we want. Last year I bought a 1982 Moto Guzzi V50 Monza as a ‘project bike’ and its been sat in the garage since around February of last year. It was bought very much with ‘retirement’ in mind and so there was (and still isn’t) any timescale for doing it – it’s essentially something to tinker with as and when I feel like it.

My nephew Andy is my able assistant for this work and yesterday we made a start. In advance of this (on Wednesday) I moved the bikes around in the garage to make room, and then yesterday morning made sure the radiator was turned up to full in the garage to ward of the pretty cold February temperature and then Andy and I spent a few hours making a start.

There are a few pictures below but I intend to set up a separate Blog for the main pictures and updates from this project – I shall post on here once I’ve done that.