so what’s it like not working?


In the last week or so I’ve had various emails and a couple of conversations with former colleagues who have each asked about my new ‘non working’ life and they have enquired as to how it’s going.  The first answer really is that it’s really good and that my wife and I are enjoying our unstructured time – both individually and together.  I suppose though it’s too early to really give any definitive answer, after all it is only approaching the five-week mark since I took my early retirement.

What has surprised me though is how quickly work has become something that I used to do and in truth has barely raised a flicker of a thought until people have asked me, or like yesterday when we drove about 40 miles or so to take a walk in a lovely part of the High Peak District and then it was only to reflect on how nice it was to drive on fairly empty and quiet roads that at weekends or during holiday periods would be so different and busy with people ‘fitting’ their leisure activities into their free time.

I had thought that I might have an ongoing period of thinking – this time last week, last month, last year I was doing  x or y or if  I was in work today I would be doing whatever – but a big surprise to me is that has simply not been the case and work has simply evaporated into something that I used to do.

We havent done anything amazing in these first weeks of retirement – but there again we never planned to – our only plan was to not have a plan – and on that basis the plan is going just fine.

We have got a few bits and pieces in the diary: my annual european road trip with friends is scheduled for July, my wife has booked a few days away in the Spring with her sister, we have got a trip to a Vineyard booked, a ‘walk with Hawks’ is bought and paid for (where we get to handle birds of prey), a decent deal on flights to Milan is sorted for later in the year when we will take a trip to the Italian Lakes (Lake Maggiore), we’ve changed the car (but that wasnt really retirement specific – it was just the right time to do so), we’ve been out doing some (not too serious) walking, we’re off to my parents next week in Cardiff, we’re around for our daughter and grandson and there are various other bits and pieces and days out some loosely thought of and some in the diary.

Whilst I’m not really one to wish my life away I can say with some conviction that I am really looking forward to Spring and Summer and making the most of the warmer weather and my bikes – somehow I thing my sunny day bike of choice (my Moto Guzzi V7) will get a few miles on it this year …