things you can do when you have retired …

A couple of weeks ago (former) colleagues were generous with advice to my wife and I, and this included suggestions about avoiding the high street between 12 and 2 when the ‘workers’ might be shopping and also some rather thrifty suggestions about where to buy stale bread (and so cheaper than fresh) – they also advised on how to get a coffee with endless refills.

Already into the first days of retirement my daughter has been most helpful and has put me onto  registering with John Lewis – there we can get a free coffee and cake each month – this is excellent as it means that if we are wise enough to maximize this offer we can get a total of 24 coffees and 24 cakes between us (in a 12 month period) – not to be sniffed at so I have registered. I understand there may be other such offers and I will report back in due course (and with pictures).

Today Pat has gone over to Hebden Bridge (sadly to attend a funeral). This afternoon we may take a trip to our local Ikea store – here in addition to doing some shopping we can get endless drinks of coke and a hot-dog for about a quid. If we do that this afternoon I shall of course provide a suitable update later or tomorrow.

In the meantime I’m off to sort some stuff out in the garage attic.