not all the gifts were from the top shelf


In addition to my wonderful colleagues presenting me with a huge range of superb gifts, frankly they also provided me with some tat.

However I think all but one item will ACTUALLY get used, information as follows:

The 10 Washdays Adult hangers: will be used today when I do the ironing;

The Garden Fresh Odour Elininator is already lined up with the other air fresheners and will get its turn in due course;

The Man Utd Massage Sponge will have the Man Utd logo cut off and will be placed in the shower and will be used this morning when I shower and a particular part of my body will get extreme attention, actually I can’t think of anything more appropriate for that part of my anatomy;

The Man Utd Relaxing Bubble Bath (Citrus) will be used – but only on matchdays when they lose .. I don’t expect it to last long.

The bin bags are actually quite practical and are already in the garage and will be used in due course

The problematic item is the Man Utd Twin Disposable Razors. I can’t currently think of what I could use them for – but do drop me a line if you can think of anything.

I’ll write a separate post in due course about the Blackpool tat that Kevin so gleefully provided me with