2 thoughts on “Spain & Portugal 2017 (81)

  1. Like your blog. 5ft 5in looking for a bike can tour and personnel transport. Like set up with weight as low as poss. Not intending any off road stuff so bike looks suitable for me.
    Was passenger seat std as it looks bigger than on the new 2018 bike. Got keep her indoors comfortable on the back after all.
    Surprised no screen fitted as I like to keep rain and bugs off me as much as poss.
    Now got to test one so will see.
    Thanks David

    • Hi David. Glad you like my Blog. Vulcan S is a very easy bike to ride, and is full of surprises, at just how competent it is. Ive traveled a great deal in Western Europe on all manner of bikes and last year trip to Spain and Portugal on the Vulcan was as good as any. Two things though: in terms of comfort for your pillion, we found the addition of a back rest (sissy bar) and having the seat widened made for a dramatic change – altering the rear suspension (a 2 minute job) totally transformed the bike. If you want any more info at all then please let me know.

      If I could find a screen that I liked the look off then Id probably buy one – but its not been a problem

      There are separate posts on the Blog about the luggage options and the work on the pillion seat.

      Cheers Tony

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