another great show (part 2)

When I wrote  Part 1 of my Blog post about the weekends visit to the Staffordshire motorcycle show I included a whole bunch of pictures that were taken indoors at the show.

In this second part of the Blog post I have posted pictures that are all from the outside areas, and help give an indication of the scale of the event.

As I said in Part 1, if there is something that you’re looking for for your current project or rebuild then there is every chance you’ll get it here, but apart from anything else it’s just good fun to have a wander round even if only to scratch your head and wonder just what some of the stuff is that’s for sale.

There was one stall that caught my eye, and that was the alternative clothing stall – don’t get me wrong, it didn’t catch my eye from any judgemental sort of view, I was just slightly intrigued at what rock and goth clothing for baby’s might consist of …stafford-show-2016-c-35

Pictures from the outdoor section are posted below and when I post the  final part, Part 3 it will be the last of the posts from this show and feature the Suzuki Village with picture of the Sheens, Roberts and Scwantz Suzuki’s  –  as mentioned in Part 1.