it’s in the job description …

Although we don’t have a formal job description, I think it’s fair to to say there is probably an unwritten job description for Grandparents.

Yesterday I discharged some of it when Daniel and I went for a ‘big’ walk, collected conkers and generally had a good time.

Yesterdays walk came about when I received a short video from him via WhatsApp (on his Mums ‘phone) in which he asked would I take him for a ‘big walk as Emma gets too tired’ – well that was a request that was easy to sort, and so that’s exactly what we did yesterday.

We didn’t go until after the weekly FootyTotz session and whilst Daniel and Emma were throwing themselves around there, Harry stayed with us for an hour.

Once back from FootyTotz, Emma stayed with Pat whilst Daniel and I set off for our ‘big walk’ and to be fair we did 4.47 miles and he didn’t say his legs were tired until just after the 4 mile mark.

I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most, but we did all the stuff in the Grandparents Job Description: spotting squirrels; ducks;  geese;  canal boats, and horses – as well as clambering on trees; getting off the path and into the undergrowth (Daniels idea and not mine); feeding the ducks; throwing twigs into the water and collecting (too many) conkers.

Added to that was a stop to pick and eat a blackberry and Daniels clasped hands and closed eyes indicate just how much he enjoyed that simple pleasure.


His general awareness and recognition of all that is around him is a joy, and his endless questions and comments just added to the all round pleasure of the walk.

Naturally I had prepared a lavish lunch and the jam sandwiches went down well.

It was great for both of us to have some time together and as I said earlier I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most – we ended up scaling the rather steep underside of a motorway bridge that runs across the River Tame  and listening to the traffic thundering above – a cracking few hours together indeed.


Some more pictures below, and clicking the first will open a scroalable galley