shopping done ….

My stay at the St Ives hotel had been good and with a decent breakfast I was set for the day. My morning view from the hotel was quite simply magnificent, and the weather was just as per forecast, although that’s not to say I had traveled with 100% trust in the five day forecast.

Previous experience had taught me not to do that and in one of my panniers I had my gear in case it did turn to rain, along with Gortex gloves and clear visor – but remarkably it looked like they would be staying put on this trip.

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I had decided that I would head across Scotland and over to the east coast of Northumberland.  The easiest way to do that was to take the short (2o minute) ferry crossing from Dunoon to Gourock.

It was all very simple, roll up, roll on and pay the the £8.00 or so for the crossing.

I did stop on the seafront on my short ride to the ferry, I needed to take a few pix if only to remind myself later that the weather really had been this good in Scotland  in October.


Once I was off the ferry it was just a case of turning right and taking the cast road down to Largs.

After that it was pretty much  a case of heading across to the east coast and my journey took me towards Carluke, Carlops and eventually to Mussselburgh. Then it was across to Dunbar, Berwick upon Tweed and then onto a place called The Sun Hotel in the small village of Walkworth.

To be honest although I had another really good day, it wasn’t quite as good as the previous days.

It was pretty much a mixture of decent roads and average roads and at time it was bit too urban to be really enjoyable.  Maybe that’s not too surprising as the standards of the previous couple of days were unlikely to repeated as  headed across flatter country.

But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad day, just not brilliant when compared the what had just gone before. And on the way I manged to get a bonus stop in at a Sainsbury’s although I cant really claim this as part of my shopping inspired trip as this was just a routine fuel stop.

I’d left Dunoon about 08:30 and was at my hotel in Walkworth for about 17:30, I hadn’t taken a direct route as I’d pretty much turned off here and there as I fancied and as the roads or place names looked interesting.

In fact I didn’t even stop for a coffee or anything to eat until about 3pm and when I did it was just at a roadside stop where for the grand total of £2.80 I had a coffee and a pretty decent sausage sandwich.

Keeping with the supermarket stuff I tapped the sat nav when I was near Berwick and found an ASDA so nipped there to keep within the spirit of the trip and bought a newspaper


After that I did a bit of the coast road down to Lindisfarne, had I had more time and had I got it right with the tides then maybe I would gone across the causeway and visited the 6th century church, but time was against me and in any case I was ready for my hotel and a decent shower.


The Sun Hotel made for a good stop, decent room, bar and food and good parking for the bike.

The staff were really friendly, welcoming and helpful and there’s nothing I can complain about there.

It’s literally opposite Warkworth Castle, on the banks of the River Coquet and the hotel is part of  17th-century coaching inn, it’s a place I would be happy to recommend and I’d stop there again – at £44 for my room and breakfast it ticked all the right boxes. Once i washed and changed I couldn’t resist a knight based selfie at the front of the hotel.


I was set to head home the following day and once again it would be a day with no particular plan….

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