shopping and the joy of SX

Well what can I say about today (day two of my shopping trip). I had stayed overnight in Selkirk at The Glen Hotel and I did say that I would write and update after I had sampled the breakfast – not much to say really other than that it was spot on and ticked the boxes you can read Part One here

I didn’t over do it so didn’t go the whole hog, but I did have the bacon, sausage and grilled tomatoes and it was cooked to perfection.

I was on the road for 09:00am and headed off for Peebles, then onto Falkirk and Strerling. It was a real joy to be on good roads (and empty roads) literally within minutes of leaving The Glen Hotel.

I think it was about 55 miles or so to Stirling and I stopped at Falkirk Football Club to take a couple of pix, mainly because it made me think of my football obsessed son.


I also stopped and took a couple of pix of a pub called the Tally Ho’ – my late (and great) Father in Law served on a submarine called the Tally Ho, and although he is seldom from my thoughts it was sort of nice to be reminded of him in this way.

After that I headed for Callander and then Lochearnhead and the roads were simply fantastic, empty, smooth and sweeping with some sensational constant radius corners that seemed to go on for ever.

After that I headed for Dalmally and then remembered this was meant to be a shopping trip, so I checked the sat nav and saw that there was a Tesco at Oban … so that was where I headed next and what a good call it was. The guy on the bike forum that had mentioned the trip to the shops was once again inspirationl.

The road took me alongside Loch Awe and it really is a blisteringly good road, great surface, wonderful curves and really allows you to get a proper shift on – the Z1000 SX is such a good bike and roads like this were just made for it, there’s not much point in me saying I wholly observed the national speed limits …

After the shopping at Oban I headed back to Dalmally and then turned towards Dunoon an was rewarded amply with magical and empty roads.

Ive biked a lot across Europe and seen wonderful sights and rode on wonderful roads in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia etc etc BUT today I have had as good a day as any and I just didn’t want it to end.

Of course it did have to end and I’m staying at the St Ives Hotel in Dunoon – which is nothing special but is friendly and clean and so meets my needs. I had a walk into town and to be honest there wasn’t a lot going on and it didnt seem to me to be the most attractive of towns, but maybe thats because it October and so past the best of the season.

There are some pix below from today – and all from an inspirational comment on a Blog post!

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