book publication

I wrote here in  August about a book that I had published on Amazon What if You Don’t Break Down?

This short update is just to say that in addition to its current availability on Amazon it will be available next week in an increased range of electronic formats, these include:

Kobo and  Apple as well as: Barnes & Noble; ; Library Direct; Overdrive; Yuzu; Tolino; Baker Taylor; Inktera.

In that book, I recall in travelogue style a trip I took on my own when I traveled across Northern Spain, and into Italy,  down the Mediterranean side to Pompeii and then onto the Sorrento/Amalfi coast to fulfill a dream. There’s a short video on the Sorrento/Amalfi Road posted here

After that it was up the Adriatic side of Italy, in and out of the Apennines, onto the Gulf of Venice and into Slovenia for a few days, before eventually heading back via Northern Italy, Germany, Luxembourg etc.

The format of the book is identical other than a slightly different cover (see below)

what-if             810320617

You can find the book on Amazon simply by typing Tony Burns in the Amazon search bar. Alternatively you can use this link