sat nav on the vulcan …

I’ve just fitted a Garmin Sat mount to our Kawasaki Vulcan S, and yes I know that if you ask a 100 bikers about the relative merits of using a Sat Nav on a bike then you’ll probably get at least a 101 different views!

With other bikes that I have had I have always been able to fit a ram mount into the central hole in the yoke – but no such luck on the Vulcan due to the positioning of the instrument cluster.

Last time I fitted a Sat Nav mount was on my Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe but I thought the Sat Nav would be of more practical use on the Vulcan and on my Z1000SX.

The Sat Nav I am currently using is the Garmin 590 (LM) which I’ve found to be a cracking good unit, and it’s already served me well at home and abroad.

There really is a limited range of options as to where to fit the unit on the Vulcan S and after trying various positions I settled on using the handlebar mounting and decided to locate it on the right hand side and close (almost flush) with the instrument cluster.


After deciding where to locate it the rest was just a routine job of routing the wiring and making sure it was as neat as it could be.

Taking the small plastic panel off on the right hand side (removal of one allen screw) allows the wires to be fed through and tucked neatly away, there’s plenty of room to do that without having to lift the tank up. After that with the seat removed its easy to feed the wires through to the battery compartment – although it makes the job of connecting to the battery posts easier if the left hand plastic panel is un-clipped as well.


After that the use of a couple of cable ties to secure the main cable to run along the brake lines at the front of the bike and a few cable clips to tidy things up in the battery compartment and the jobs a good ‘un.

I use the same (overpriced Garmin power mount) on my Z1000, so swapping the unit between bikes takes literally just a few seconds

There’s a few pictures below – clicking the first will open a scrolable gallery

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