the swiftest hours as they flew …

Shakespeare once used  the phrase the swiftest hours, as they flew’ and I guess anyone who has children will have an acute sense of just how quickly time seems to pass.

Before you know it, your offspring have grown from children to adults and have set off to carve out their own life.

For us – we have seen both our children set off. Most recently our son Richard left home to move into the new place that he has just bought.

This means that with Richards move, we have been able to use his old room as a ‘spare room’, although I suspect we will always think of it as Richard’s room.

The passing of time has also seen us gain three grandchildren and so it seemed wholly sensible that at the same time as giving Richard’s old room a make over, we could make it a nice room for our grandchildren to play in when they call on their regular visits as well as a pleasant environment for them to enjoy sleep overs.

The overall cost of ‘personalizing’ it for them was pretty minimal really, we’d have been giving the room a make over whether it was angled towards the children or not, so the expense of paint, a new bed, bedding etc would have been incurred anyway.

The key difference is that anyone staying over will just have to put up with the extra colorful bedding, the pictures, the stenciling etc and if they want to play with a few of the children toys then that’s fine as well.

We are keenly aware that almost ‘before we know it’ our grandchildren’s early years will have passed and be consigned to memory.


Daniel is already close to four, Emma to three and Harry although only a few months old already seems like he’s been around for ever.

None of us can get yesterday back, but we can create some memories – we hope the ‘spare room’ will be part of that.

Before we know it the bedding will be replaced  and the the counting charts and alphabet posters will be gone.

Before then however, we intend to continue to enjoy our time with our grandchildren and hope they enjoy their time with us.

Below: Daniel and Emma go upstairs to look for their toys boxes and books that we had removed from the dining room

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