short ride in derbyshire …

We took advantage of some very pleasant weather and headed out for  a short ride into Derbyshire yesterday.

We didn’t do a great deal of mileage but we did have a really nice few hours out. After heading out over the A57 Snake Pass, we turned off towards Bamford at the end of Ladybower reservoir.

I’ve traveled on the A57 many many thousands of times (having been based in Sheffield for around 15 years when I was working). It’s an incredibly scenic road but in my opinion it wouldn’t be classed as a great road from a bikers perspective, it’s way too bumpy in parts – but if you get your timing right and you miss the traffic then it really is an enjoyable road to ride and it does provide some superb views.

After passing Bamford we turned right toward Castleton and stopped off in the small village of Hope at the Old Hall Tea Rooms.

Its a pretty convenient stop with plenty of free parking directly outside – the menu isn’t bad either and a couple of excellent sausage sandwiches with a pot of tea for my wife and a decent cappuccino for me provided a decent early lunch – add that to sitting in the sunshine to idle away the time then all really did seem well in our world. It’s also worth saying that the service at the Tea Rooms was first class as well.

After leaving Hope we headed on through Castelton and up Winnats Pass before winding our way back towards Glossop.


Before we got home we stopped off at the parish church in Mottram – St Michael and All Angels.   This is a fabulous 15th century church, and its actually the church we were married in – although it’s fair to say we looked a bit different then than we did when we took a picture yesterday at the church gates – but we are still together and we are still happy, and unlike on our wedding day when the bride wore white, yesterday she was very much in black.


Yesterdays ride also provided an opportunity to ‘test’ the backrest we fitted the other week and it worked just as we had hoped, providing more comfort for Pat and cementing our thinking for next years plans.

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I’ve posted some more pictures from yesterday  clicking on the first will open a scrolable gallery.