farewell to jack …

Around sixteen and a half years ago we got two cats. We hadn’t intended to get two, in fact we hadn’t really intended to get a cat at all.

Not long before then, our much loved Burmese cat Scooter, had died leaving us to go through the usual upset a family does when they lose a pet.

I cant recall how long it was after Scooter had gone, but it wasn’t very long before we ended up with a magazine in the house whose title I cant recall, but if memory serves me right it was a BBC magazine about cats, and I think, but am not sure that my daughter Sarah might have bought it.

In that months edition of the magazine the main feature was Bengal cats, a relatively new breed of cat in the  UK at that time.

By co-incidence there was a small advert tucked away in the classified ad’s at the back of the magazine from a local breeder who had Bengal kittens almost ready to go to new homes …  the upshot of the story is that we went to look at one, and came away with two.

Bengal’s are big and distinctive cats, generally pretty  sleek and muscular with their hindquarters a little higher than the shoulders … and our two had huge paws and pads to match.

We named them Kipper and Jack.

They were both quite different really – if ‘showing’ cats was your thing then Kipper would have probably been a contender for prizes at shows where as you would most likely have been laughed at if you had attempted to enter Jack with his scrawnier body and runt of the litter looks. Jack seemed to be as daft as Kipper was intelligent.

They were fine cats and much admired with their distinctive looks and size – Kipper was with us for eight years before he died,  Jack continued on and lived twice as long, but unfortunately and with great sadness it was time for us to say goodbye to Jack a couple of days ago – the old boy had a fine innings and had made it into his 17th year.

He was a boisterous, stupid and noisy cat and at times he annoyed us no end but now he’s gone and we’ll miss him. He’s not too far away is buried on the right hand side of the garden close to the plants that he used to lie in and soak up the sunshine and now close  to Kipper.

I’ve posted some pictures below of both Jack and Kipper in happier times – clicking on the first will open a scrolable gallery.

Farewell Jack.