what if you dont break down …

What If You Dont Break Down? … well it’s a fair question and it’s also the title of a book that I have written and have just published on the Amazon Kindle Store.

The book is a 90 page, 27,000 word recollection of  a recent European bike trip – when I traveled across Northern Spain, and into Italy, the summary on Amazon says:

An engaging tale of a 5,000 mile motorcycle trip in central Europe, as the author travels across Northern Spain then down the Mediterranean side of Italy to Pompeii and then to the Sorrento/Amalfi coast to fulfill a dream.

After that it’s across to the Adriatic coast, up into the Apenines mountains, and then onto the delights of Slovenia, the Dolomite’s and more and maybe the best days riding the author has ever had on a motorbike, before finally heading for home via Germany, Belgium and Holland.

This is a book that will appeal to more than just motorbike enthusiasts. In fact anybody who enjoys reading about travel or maybe has thought about making a ‘big trip’ on their own, but has been weighed down and put off by self doubt and worry might just find the inspiration to get on and do it.

The author takes you along and gives you a real feel of his time on the trip with useful and interesting travel insights that let you tap into his experience and leave you feeling that you’ve done the journey with him and maybe even encourages you to think about doing the same yourself.

If you’re at all interested the book can be purchased for the modest price of £2.90 and can be read on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, laptop etc.

If you do want to download it then this link should take you there, or alternatively going to the Amazon home page here and typing Tony Burns or What if you don’t break down should take you to it.

If you do decide to read it I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.