another christening …

Last week was the third christening that I have been to in the last few years  – the last one was back in April 2014 when Emma our second Grandchild was christened. In some respects this most recent (last week) was something of a replay – the church was the same, the guest list was just about the same with main difference being that we were there to witness and celebrate the christening of our third Grandchild – Harry George.

Everything went to plan with a pleasant service at the church of Our Lady and St Christoper in Romiley.

The previous two christenings (Daniel and Emma) were both held there and we also used a local restaurant The Italian in Romiley for the family get together and meal, and who had agreed to open specially in the afternoon – and as per usual provided great service and good food. In fact The Italian is quite a favorite for a few of us who frequent it several times a year and have never been disappointed with the food and service on offer.

I’ve posted some pictures below and clicking on the first one will open a scrollable gallery.