dolly for the garage …

For a long time now I’ve had more than one bike in the garage, and whilst my garage is a reasonable size I suppose like many people I could always do with (or want) more space.

The garage is pretty tidy and organized but it can sometimes be a bit of a chore to move the bikes around, and I always have to take particular care when I’m taking stuff through the garage, whether its junk or the lawn mower through to cut the front lawn.

I’d been looking around for some sort of solution for moving the bikes and getting them put away as neatly as possible and at the same time making the best use of the floor space.

The back end of the garage (or front end depending which way you come at it) has my Clarke Motorcycle Lift which I’ve had for a good few years and which I find invaluable for when I’m working on and/or cleaning the bike.

My other two bikes are kept at the front of the other end of the garage and to get them put away as best I can requires a fairly physical lift/bump of the back ends to get it tucked in – and then of course the same to get it out.

A quick Google search (for motorcycle Dolly’s) shows there to be a  few options for moving your bikes around – but instead of buying one I decided I’d have a go at making a wooden one, partly because I knew that whatever solution I went for I was never going to get something that moved across my garage floor perfectly because the concrete is ‘rippled’, and unless I have the floor screeded and leveled then it will always be  a little problematic and require a little more effort than if the floor was perfectly flat and smooth – so basically I thought it would make sense to try and sort something for a modest cost.

I decided I would make one from wood and bought a single sheet of 18mm ply, which I had cut straight down the middle at the store. I also bought a couple of sets of pretty cheap/basic castors – the total cost of which was just under £51 ($75).

The pictures below are pretty self explanatory and in fact I had enough wood to make two – so it ended up working out at a cost each of about £35 each ($51)  –  by the time I bought more castors for the second Dolly.

The Dolly’s were finished off with some fence paint that was in the shed, an old rubber car mat (for the side stand) and the required screws for fastening castors and side strips that I already had.

I made one small ramp that works for both of the Dolly’s.

The test question though is does it/do they work – and the answer is yes, although at the moment the first one I made moves easier than the second.  I think that is because I placed the castors in a different place on the second dolly, and when I have time I will re-position them to make for easier movement.

I didn’t get locking castors which although not much of an issue for me, with hindsight was probably a mistake. With the second Dolly I experimented with cutting some slots above a castor to make a wooden brake – but to be honest that hasn’t worked at all. My next step is to make a couple of simple wooden ‘chocks’ from some scrap wood and which should be easy enough.

If I had a smooth garage floor I’m pretty sure they would move with total ease, but I knew that was always going to be a slight issue but all in all for not much money and not much time (probably about 90 minutes per Dolly) I’ve got a reasonable solution that makes things easier in the garage.

The pictures below should be pretty self explanatory – clicking on the first will open a scrolable gallery.