a quality day out …

Yesterday we took Daniel and Emma out and headed off for Holmes Chapel (in east Cheshire). Our first stop was at a small but quite decent children’s play area – unfortunately the overnight rain had left had left everything pretty wet and too wet really for the children to play on.

Being an ex project manager meant that I had done a bit of planning and had checked out a few options for the day. This meant we were able to switch to Plan B which was to head towards the market town of  Sandbach and to the nearby  Wheelock Hall Farm.

This turned out to be a really decent place to visit with plenty of onsite parking and plenty to occupy the children.

The place consists of a farm shop; cafe; play barn; animals to see; play area with quite a range of wooden ‘things’ to climb on; small pedal  tractors etc.

There was enough there to keep the children occupied for a good few hours – in fact I think we were there for around three hours and could have stayed longer. Decent value as well as it was just £4 for each of the children to access the animals and play areas. I cant comment on the cafe as we had taken a picnic, although oddly there was a sign saying ‘no picnics’ (in the play area).

The children loved seeing the animals and petting the baby lambs. The  play barn with its huge bales of hay was a great idea and the children loved it – check out the pictures posted below.  I can imagine it gets pretty busy in the summer time and when the schools are out – but it was pretty peaceful and quiet when we visited yesterday.

A bonus for Daniel was that he got to ‘drive’  the car  and the picture of him on my knee shows the absolute genuine delight of what happens when you sometimes get what you want!

We really did have a decent time with the children and then it was back to our house for ice cream and a story before taking them home – we saved the location on the sat nav as I reckon its a place we will go to again.

Some picture are posted below, clicking the first will open a scrolable gallery.