still catching up …

Ive been catching up with my Blog posts the last day or two and so to bring things upto date, Ive posted some pictures from last week.

The first are from a very decent day out on the bike (the Kawasaki) when I set off with no particular plan, and pretty much ended following the A49 until I arrived in Hereford.  I stopped at a roadside coffee stop and decided to contact my parents in Cardiff to see if they were in.

They were and so I carried on for an hour or so to their house for lunch and a chat before heading back a hour or two later.

It really was a decent day and  a great way to spend time on a Thursday. By the time I was home I had covered the best part of 400 miles on mainly good roads in glorious weather and I was back home a little over 12 hours after leaving.

A couple of days later I was at the Etihad for the final home game of Manchester City’s 2015/16 season.  It’s hard to make sense of the season really, and despite winning the Capital One Cup at Wembley, making fantastic progress to the semi finals against Real Madrid (where they were simply outclassed over two games) and heading for a 4th or 5th place finish in the League – the season feels like its been wholly underwhelming.

Other than the first half dozen games or so and then the odd game in between the team haven’t really looked on the pace – I suppose in part its the inevitability of a seeing a team in transition, having won a couple of League titles, two Capital One cups and an FA Cup it really is the end of this current team – the impact of aging legs comes to us all I suppose.

The frustration has been seeing the team undeperform in one of the most lack lustre leagues in years with only two teams (in my opinion) really setting the pace and looking worthy candidates for the title (Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur).

The final game at the Etihad was entertaining enough but it also saw City through away the lead twice for the game to finish all square at 2-2.

Oh well … there’s always next season.

On Monday of this week the weather was wonderful and with temperatures reaching 28c I was out on the Guzzi – nothing like as long a trip as the previous Thursday, just a round trip of about 90 miles or so for for a coffee  – but it was a decent start to the week.

Some pictures are posted below: clicking on the first one will open a scrolable gallery