it’s all about the custard …

I’ve only just got round to catching up on Blog posts after what seems like a busy few weeks – although if you were to ask me whats kept me busy I’d probably struggle to say, but any which way the time just seems to pass so quickly.

The weekend before last saw Sarah, Damian and the children call for a bite to eat – which as ever was always nice. The children as ever were great fun and more than engaging.

We didn’t have the most elaborate of meals, and if the  the cottage pie that Pat had made was good the cakes were a real treat. A superb apple and spice cake with custard and some mini Victoria sponge cakes.

Not surprisingly they all went down well – but Daniel and Emma were a joy to watch as they got their spoons into the custard jug!

Last Wednesday Pat and I had charge of Daniel and Emma and we took them out, not with anywhere in particular mind, but we did end up in a delightful park in Congleton, with a fine play area for them, some very pretty and well kept gardens and the inevitable sight of a skein of ducks on the water.

The only downside to our trip out was that the flask of coffee that I had taken for Pat and I had to be poured away as it tasted rather too strongly of washing up liquid! After returning home the children still found the energy to clean their playhouse …

There’s some pictures posted below of dinner at ours and our trip to Congleton Park. Clicking on the first will open a scrolable gallery