raf cosford, a fine day out …

RAF Cosford is home to one of the the Royal Air Force museums and is located in Shropshire.

It was my fourth visit there having been once before with Pat, then with my Dad and brothers and then a third time with my father in law – and its the sort of place that if you have any interest at all in this sort of thing makes for a pretty decent day out.

Yesterday I went with my nephew Andy, my grandson Daniel and Monks.

There is plenty of on site car parking and in fact it’s only the car parking that you need pay for, as entry to the museum is free.

I gather from the information on the web site that there are more than 70 aircraft on display, additionally the centre houses the National Cold War exhibition and a collection of engines and missiles. There’s a link here that sets out what is actually on display

One of the reasons I first visited was that the centre houses an aircraft known as TSR2 and it was one that my father worked on some years ago (he worked on the actual plane on display), he also worked on another aircraft on display there the English Electric Lightning – when we was employed by the English Electric/BAC Company after his service on aircraft carriers in the Fleet Air Arm.

For those who are ‘into’ aircraft then it’s the only place in the UK where you can see Britain’s three V Bombers: the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant.

It’s a cracking day out complete with the usual gift shop and cafe, although we chose to take our own picnic yesterday. We were blessed with a fine sunny day to sit out and eat our picnic which after recent weather  felt like something of a bonus.

Yesterday was pretty much seen through the eyes of a three year old so it wasn’t  a visit to avidly take in all the reading – but Daniel was certainly wide eyed at a great deal of what we saw, and I’m sure its a place that I will visit again at some later date.

I’ve posted pictures below and clicking on the first picture will open a scrolable gallery