leicester, wine and king richard …

We have been in Leicester the last couple of days.

Our main reason for going was to attend a Wine Tasting Event run by a company called ThirtyFifty – we had received tickets as a Christmas gift from our son and although we could have attended an event held locally (in Manchester) we decided we would take in one of the events running elsewhere and we chose Leicester – as much as for a change as anything else.

On our way we called to the National Space centre which is only  a couple of miles away from the city centre and I have written separately about our underwhelming visit to the centre  here

We found time to have a look around part of central Leicester – especially a shopping area referred to as The Lanes and St Martins Square – which we thought was pretty decent to wander around with plenty of quirky shops and probably more places to eat and drink than most people could do if they were there for a couple of weeks!

I cant comment on other parts of Leicester or how representative this area is – but we really enjoyed what we saw and its an easy and pleasant  place to spend a few hours wandering, browsing, eating and drinking – the fact that we were blessed with good weather and sunshine was a bonus.

Of particular note and a place more than worthy of a visit is the Cathedral – quite simply it’s superb and it seemed to me that it has had a good deal of money spend on it in recent years – doubtless due in part to the work around the discovery of King Richard III’s resting place and his re-internment into the cathedral.

We also spent a couple of hours at the King Richard III Visitor Centre – just across from the Cathedral and we both thought it was simply excellent.

The visitor centre tells story of Richard III, the search for his burial place and then the work to validate the remains and it is extremely well set out and presented, it really is a first class attraction.

We made the most of our short visit by checking out the Abbey Road Pumping Station (next to the Space Centre) and a wander around the (mainly) fruit and veg’ market in the central shopping area.

Our wine tasting event was great fun and if you have an interest in wine then I’d say it’s worth checking out the ThirtyFifty web site (you can use the link in the first paragraph of this Blog post). Rob our host was good value – knowledgeable and easy going with a bucket load of anecdotes, and the wine was decent enough as well. We both came away having enjoyed a couple of hours and having learned a thing or two as well … as well as thinking we may well take up some of their other events as and when we get time.

Some pictures from our short visit and stay are posted below – clicking on the first will open a scrolable gallery