manchester bike show 2016 …

I was at the Manchester Bike Show today at Event City and it was well worth the visit. At  £16 on the door or £13 with an advance ticket it was decent value as well.

We were there for the 09:30 opening of day one of the two day show and spent the best part of three hours wandering around – although I didn’t take the time to count the bikes on display the shows web site claims there were more than a 1,000 bikes there and I have no reason to doubt that.

The show was decent last year with more than 16,000 people attending and on the basis that I think the show has got better each year, I suspect that number will be topped this time around.

Not surprisingly there was plenty of decent kit on show as well as some fabulous  bikes on display with Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Ducati, Victory, Indian, Benelli and Bimota,  all there with new models.

There was the usual array of older machines for those wanting to be reminded of their former years or for those just wanting to enjoy the look of the older machinery.

A  good turn out from a number of owners clubs with classics, streetfighters choppers etc on display added to the show and so I suppose helped provide pretty much something for everyone.

We didn’t bother with the live displays – it’s not really my thing, but the displays always seem to draw folk to them and add to the general diversity of the show.Being the owner of a couple of Guzzi’s and a Kawasaki’s then I was always going to head for their displays and I allowed my slight OCD type approach to these type of shows to be put on hold and so rather than walk up and down each aisle (always starting from the left), we made  a point of an early visit to both of these stands before the crowds built up.

If I had to pick a single personal favorite machine from the show then I’d to go for the Moto Guzzi Grisso – it’s currently just about the only bike that registers on my desire list.

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although it’s the Grisso that wins out for me there was plenty of other bikes that were more than easy on the eye …is there anyone who wouldn’t want a couple of Bimota’s in the garage, or maybe something from Ducati ?

Parking at the show is easy, free and only a short walk away from Event City, which is a breeze to get to as it’s really close to a motorway exit (think Trafford Centre).

We didn’t bother with anything to eat whilst we there as last years experience was pretty dire  with something that was sold as a burger but in my opinion was barely passable as one. Having said that it may be that the caterers have changed this year as the coffee that we had was pretty decent and a marked improvement on last years offering.

My only slight disappointment of the day was that I had hoped to see the new Moto Guzzi V9s but it seems the show came just a little early to have those models there.

All in all a cracking good show and it runs for two days so if you’re reading this and have time to go I don’t think you will be dissapointed – but if you cant make it this year then I reckon its worth looking out for the 2017 show.

There’s over a 100 pictures in the gallery below and if you click the first one it will open a scrolable gallery.