dog treasure …

Many years ago – back in the mid 1960s we used to travel across to Leyland (Lancs) to visit two of my aunts. One of the things we used to occasionally do was to be allowed to pick a pot dog from the collection and bring it home to keep. These were then taken home and stood/displayed on something called a Gay Box – which I guess would now be seen as a pretty kitsch/retro piece of 1960s furniture – see the first picture in the gallery below.

Like a lot of stuff from my childhood I retained it and for many years the pot dog collection was kept in the attic – its now my pleasure to be able to pass these on in a similar way to Daniel and Emma when they visit us.

We have established a whole raft of visiting rituals (one of which includes Swiss Dancing – but that’s a story for another time) and getting out the Dog Treasure Box has now been added to the long list of the visiting rituals.

Its not a ritual for every visit – but rather an occasional one with the dogs unwrapped  from the tissue they are in, placed on the floor and one each to be chosen by both Daniel and Emma and for them to take home for their own bedroom shelves.

There are few things truer than the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ and its a real pleasure for me to be able to pass these on some 50 years or so after I first got them.

Some pictures are posted below – clicking the first will open a scrolable gallery