coastal walking in anglesey …

We’ve just had a very decent break in Anglesey – spending three nights near to Cemaes Bay.

We’ve been to Anglesey a couple of times previously and most recently in 2014 when we stayed in Beaumaris. We didn’t really have any particular plans other than to enjoy our time there and do some walking.

When it comes to walking and fine coastal scenery I think Anglesey would probably score pretty highly when ranked against other parts of the British Isles – the coast line in total is only around 130 miles or so but it is both rugged and dramatic in equal measures.

During our first full day we visited Cemlyn Bay, South Stack and Llanddwyn Island and each of them in their own way were pretty much perfect.

As we were visiting Anglesey in early March we were in advance of the ‘season’ and so a number of attractions/visitor centres were closed and not scheduled to open until Easter time – the upside to being so early in the year meant that everywhere was pretty quite including some of the almost impossibly narrow country lanes that we drove along.

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South Stack island is home to a lighthouse and visitor centre close to the north west tip of the island and although the visitor centre was closed the lighthouse is well worth a walk towards.  The first time a light was used there was back in the mid 1800’s and so as you might imagine it has a fair old history and I would more than recommend getting down that way if you are on the island.

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But if you want a superb beach walk then I can more than recommend heading for Newborugh and walking a couple of miles along the beach and on to Llanddwyn island this place is simply wonderful – and as mice as it must be to stroll that way on a fine summers day there was something magical about facing up to the bracing winds and bitter cold sweeping in from the sea – I’d say its a must visit sort of place. If you are travelling by car there is easy parking on the National Trust property at Newborough, which leaves you set fair for a comfortable four or five mile walk.

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We also found time to call at Amlwch, Pensarn and Penmon on our second full day but best of all on day two was our walk around the Parys Mountain Copper Mines.  Parys mountain is where copper has been mined for hundreds of years (although production peaked in the 1780 when as much as 4,000 tons of copper were produced each year the origins as a source of valuable ore actually go back as several hundred million years. The bottom line is that the weathering of the area and the various sulphide deposits over the years have led to an unusual, interesting and colourful landscape – definitely worth a visit and a good location for a decent walk.

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It was our wedding anniversary whilst we were away and we found a very pleasant hotel/restaurant to eat in and one that was around 10 miles or so from where we stayed. Service and food were good and prices were reasonable and you could do worse for an evening meal than checking out the The Valley – which is located in ….Valley!

I’m sure there is accommodation for all tastes in Anglesey and as ever it all depends what you want and what your personal preferences are etc. We stayed at a superb location in a place called Carreglefn which was close enough to the north west coast of the island (just a few miles from Cemaes bay) but located far enough away from almost anywhere and so as to provide a perfectly peaceful stay.

We stayed at a place called The Old Post Office and it was just superb – it’s not by chance that it gets exceptional ratings on the web site – it really is tremendous.

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It was well furnished, well equipped, packed full of nice touches, peaceful, restful and despite the chill March weather was perfectly cosy. On top of that the helpful and pleasant owner Claire was the perfect host.

There have been many many places that Pat and I have traveled to where we have stayed and said we ought to return some day – The Old Post Office is one that I think I can say with near 100% confidence is a place that we really will return to.

All in all we had a first class break in Anglesey and I fully expect us to spend more time there at some future date

I’ve posted a whole bunch of pictures below and clicking the first one will open a scrollable gallery