capital entertainment …

Yesterday Manchester City added another trophy – I think its now five in five years, and at the same time provided a good dollop of entertainment.

An hour or two earlier whilst City were preparing for a Cup Final headlines were being made by the manchester united manager who decided that entertainment was best served up on the outskirts of Manchester by throwing himself to the floor…

I’ve watched it a couple of times now and still cant figure it out – how times have changed.

But the main event of the day was more than decent. Richard and I headed off around 08:00am for the drive down to Wembley and were there in time for a decent wander around in advance of the game.

Plenty of words have been written about that so no real need for me to add anything, other than it was a deserved win for City, although it felt a bit edgy as the second half wore on and I was certain that after Liverpool had equalized they would go on and grab the winner in the last few minutes.

It was not to be and after playing out extra time City won the Cup after a thrilling penalty shoot out and heroics from the number 2 goalkeeper.

A win at Wembley makes for an easy drive home – no matter what the hour, so we ended the day in the early hours of Monday morning having had another fine day out at Wembley and having added another bunch of notes to our bulging memory banks.

Some pictures below and clicking on the first one will open a scrolable gallery – more pictures with this poist than usual as it’s not every day your team win a cup final