some cakes are better than others …

In October it had been Daniels turn for a birthday cake

and Pat had made a tremendous Thomas the Tank engine cake for his 3rd birthday.

Today it was Emma’s 2nd birthday and Pat had decided a short while ago that she would make Emma’s birthday cake. The theme for this cake was the Gruffalo and whist I reckon all if not most people could knock out a cake (follow the instructions), there’s a difference between the cakes that most folk could produce and some of the things that Pat makes.

I reckon that down to a few things really: a creative eye for this type of thing, an inordinate amount of patience and a real and genuine knack for it.

The attached pictures say it all really – but I know from being around and having seen some of the ‘practice’ pieces and some of the work that went into this cake just how good Pat is at this sort of thing.  All of the figures were made from scratch, all were coloured and rolled to suit from a basic fondant that started as white – the end result is more than a decent effort and I’m sure will have banked some priceless memories for the children.

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