one of those nights …

I doubt that anyone who watched last nights semi final between Manchester City and Everton would have been dissapointed at the quality and excitement in the game. Equally  I suspect that a neutral viewer would have said that on balance it was a deserved win for City and one that takes them back to Wembley for another cup final.

It wasn’t without incident and the second goal ought to be have been ruled as void after the ball had clearly crossed the line before been crossed in to give City the lead on the night and to balance the tie on aggregate – but as galling as that will be for Everton fans – that is, as they say, football.

It’s hard to find too much sympathy for Everton, especially as their manager, who generally comes across quite well in his media interviews but who so often rails against judgements that have gone against his team is consistent in feeling hard done to and  fails to see/or comment on the wrong decisions that his team have profited by.

If anything there was sweet justice dished up last night given the near universal acceptance that a stone wall penalty had not been given in the first tie as well as just about the clearest cut penalty that you will ever see, and that wasn’t awarded in the league fixture that was played in between both legs of this cup semi final.

There was a fine turnout from the Everton fans who started in good voice – much better and much more vocal than the relatively flat atmosphere in the first leg of the semi final, but who understandably were silenced and glum as the game progressed.

So on a night when karma was delivered – we left the Etihad in a happy mood after watching a terrific game of football and already marking our diaries for another trip to Wembley – we’ve been every year since 2011 – and although I’m not sure how many times I think it will be the fourth cup final, a couple of FA Cup finals and a a couple of Charity Shield games in the last five or six years

Happy days and win or lose next month – our team are in the final again and we’re going to Wembley again.

Some pictures from last night are posted below. Clicking on the first picture will open a scrollable gallery.