looking forward and best wishes …


Best wishes to all for the coming year … I plan to continue to update my Blog with my ramblings throughout 2016.

We have various bits and pieces booked and planned and these currently  include:

wine tasting in Leicester (and overnight stay); steam train ride, meal and overnight stay (East Lancs Railway); a break in Anglesey and what should be a very decent road trip down to Italy for a few weeks.

We also have tickets to see the Stone Roses and Adele – both in Manchester (but not of course at the same  time!)

And all things being equal I also expect to be doing a European bike trip (maybe on my own maybe with friends) but as yet haven’t got round to getting that sorted as it’s proving quite difficult to match dates and thoughts of where to travel to.

On the biking front generally I am hoping to get more miles ridden in 2016 than I did in 2015 – the weather has been something of a washout this year and although I had hoped to get a few short (biking) trips away on my own (with overnight stays), these just didn’t happen as the weather  always seemed to be against me when I was free. I’m hoping that 2016 will see something of an improvement.

2016 should also see me finish the Moto Guzzi V50 ‘project’ – I’ve never been in any sort of a rush to do it, but given that there is so little to do on it now, I cant imagine that I wont get it finished in the first part of the year.

On the football front – my son and I have tickets to both legs of the Carling Cup semi final and so will travel in optimism that our team will win and we’ll get another trip to Wembley in the first quarter of the year. Who knows what else might happen with football and my beloved Manchester City – who currently sit third in the league table, will shortly play in the FA Cup and then in February will play in the last 16 of the Champions League – it could all go well, or all end in tears.

Doubtless there will be plenty of other things to add and update on as the year passes – but even though we will keenly anticipate the things that we currently have planned  they all fall short of what we expect to be the main event of the year with the anticipated arrival of our third grandchild in June.

That’s about it for now – best wishes for 2016.